I’m a fine art photographer based in Amsterdam.

Visually inspired by photographers like Richard Avedon and Herb Ritts and the superhero-comics I read growing up, I tend to lean towards clear, easy to parse compositions, dynamic poses and a fascination with human bodies that might as well be wearing super-hero-spandex.

I like to show that nudity can be beautiful without being sexualized.
I try to make people look at the world as if they’re examining it for the first time and show the human body in a way, angle or knot that you haven’t seen it in before.
The resulting images have been described as having a sculptural quality.
My shooting style is described as playful and exploratory, and mostly as fun.
Of course I would be nowhere without the fantastic models I’ve had the good fortune to work with and who bring so much to the table themselves.

I you’d like to create something together or would love to hang some of my work on your walls, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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